Porsche – expensive toy for serious drivers

porsche-targa-1410900_960_720Porsche has always been the synonym for the speed, reliability, spot image, and luxury. This type of car wasn’t developed for regular drives, but for those who enjoy wealth. Since the beginning of its productions, many things have changed, but Porsche still stands as one of the most respectable brands in the auto industry.

Short history of the brand

Porsche_911E_ca_1969In an age where the car industry is struggling to survive, and large manufacturers merge into one, Porsche remains as an independent giant and still making a profit. First company owners Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry in 1948 opened a factory with 200 workers. The young owner of Porsche initiated the production of newer models, sports cars, by which this brand is famous to this day. In the 1950s, Porsche started with the production of its engines and upgraded the previous version of the 356.

The most successful type of Porsche

2013_Porsche_911_Carrera_4S_(991)_(9626546987)For the last five decades, model 911 has become the cover face of company Porsche. Only a few other cars in car industry can praise with such a long tradition and continuity as Porsche 911. This car has been the highlight and inspirational force for many other manufacturers. Today it is considered as a supreme sports car with long lasting tradition and quality.

Review of the Porsche Boxster GTS

When some car brand invests a lot of effort and money into the design, then that’s his way into the world of cars with high performances. Porsche never left that trend and last year he presented and new Boxster series and only made better even better.

High level of satisfaction

3266991971_04c13db292_zDrivers have a lot of expectations and it’s hard to deliver them all because each one of them has its definition of sports car. According to this, Porsche Boxster can satisfy the demands of even the most suborn drivers of sports cars. The engine is placed behind the drivers back axis, which gives this car extreme stability in the curves.   The roof of the Boxster can be quickly engaged and disengaged and within minutes, the driver will be driving convertible or coupe. An interesting fact is that driver can lift the roof while diving, with the speed of 50mph.


pb-fgdSpace designed for passengers has its well know stamp of the Porsche company; it reminds drivers as they are in the world of race cars. The combination of leather and plush has been the excellent choice of manufacturers because they provide extreme comfort during the drive.The use of plastic is reduced to a minimum. The low position of the seat is in excellent balance with the steering wheel which is coated in leather. The sound of the engine is raw, but with the use of double flaps can be softened.

Overall performance and flaws

The engine is strong and reliable; it has 3,4 m3 with six cylinders, 330 horsepower, and 6,700 rpm. It achieves 100 mph in just a 4,7 seconds; it has seven gears and double clutch. On the steering wheel, the driver has an opportunity to change gears.  The small flaws would be a large number of buttons on the control panel, which could be a little confusing and visibility isn’t on highest level because the seat is too low and drivers can have a light annoyance when going backward.

From everything presented, you can conclude that this is a serious machine, and only those who have deep pocket have the privilege of driving it since the basic model cost only $100,000.