Jaguar – style, glamor and performance

When someone mentions a jaguar, the first thing that crosses our mind are the dangerous predators from South America. Considering that we are discussing sports cars, the only similarity is the dangerous best that Jaguar has under its hood.

Historical development of the brand

Saxony_Classic_Rallye_2010_-_Jaguar_SS_1_1933_(aka)Jaguar as a brand appeared in 1922, under a different name and different profile. Founded as a Swallow Sidecar and owned by Walmsley and Lions, the company started as a trailer manufacturer and produced its first car in 1932. Until 1945, it had a short sign as SS, but since many people connected it with a Nazi symbols, the owners decided to change the name into Jaguar.

The years after 1945

Jaguar_XK_120,_Bj._1953,_Nürb'ring_Südschleife_(2008-06-28)After they had changed the company name, Lyons and Walmsley produced many interesting and for that time advanced models. There are people who claimed that cars had too much glamor and style and that they lack in performances and reliability, but owners soon proved them wrong.

E – type breaks all records

Until the 60ies, Jaguar has already made a good reputation and soon they will enforce it with a new E – type class. Officially presented in Geneva in 1966, E-type breaks all records and is being declared as the most beautiful car of that time. Trendy, incredibly fast, this car could develop 154 mph and this new model was something that world has never seen.


The factory and production

jaguar-factoryUntil this day, the factory is placed in Coventry and legend, that is still present, says that its engineers have always been preoccupied with designs than with concrete technical solutions and production. Engines and chassis were the solutions of the company Standard Motor and two of the racing enthusiasts William and Gary still remodel them according to Jaguar models and design. During the first 30 years of the last century, production of the series on new luxurious sedans, such as SS1 I sport version SS32, Jaguar manage to strike down its competition. The peak of his glory appeared with the model XK 120. With sports 3.4 liter engine and 180 hp, this car could achieve the maximum speed of 124mph and within five second 60mph.

The popularity and the retirement of William Lyons

This model inspired big interest and made big popularity outside the borders of the United Kingdom. More than 10,000 units of this car have been made, and this became the first export model of Jaguar. Later Jaguar developed upgraded series 140 and 150.The company lost its charm with the retirement of William Lyons. It was a great impact on the company because it couldn’t comply the standards its founder left. Leland saved the company from bankruptcy. Until 1984, Jaguar has managed to get back on the market, but it wasn’t able to make a huge difference like before.

In 1989, Jaguar became the part of the Ford Motor Company, and it remained in its ownership until 2008, it then was sold to Tata Motors. Maybe in future years, Jaguar will be able to return its former glory because there aren’t many brands that possess such a uniqueness and elegance that set us back in the past time. It would be a real shame to let that go.