Aston Martin Vanquish


Aston_Martin_V8_Vantage_Roadster_(Facelift)_–_Logo,_26._Oktober_2012,_DüsseldorfTalking about supercars and not mentioning the Aston Martin would be a sin. This British car manufacturer managed to make cars that are beautiful, comfortable and fast. It took a lot of time for a British company to enter the world of supercars. Aston Martin is known for making beautiful cars, but they lacked the power, which changed in last decade as they finally were able to make a car that joined the elite.
Humble beginnings of Aston Martin Vanquish
There have been two generations of Vanquish, one from 2001 and another from 2012. Both of the generations were important even though only the second generations could be considered as a supercar.
Saxony_Classic_Rallye_2010_-_Aston_Martin_DB4_Vantage_1962_(aka)The first-generation Vanquish was very similar to DB7 Vantage, but it was powered by V12 that produced 450 hp. It was special due to two reasons, appearance in James Bond movie and carbon/aluminum chassis.
In 2004 new version of this car came out of the shadows and it was named Vanquish S. The S models were upgraded with better performance and more horsepower (520 hp). The style also got slightly changed (which brought the Vanquish closer to its superpower look). The stylish changes included new wheels, raised boot lid, a larger spoiler and so on.

Vanquish the supercar

Aston_Martin_DBS_V12_coupé_(front_left)_b-wSecond gen of Vanquish that entered sales in 2012 was the first time this car could be called a supercar. It gained so much when compared to the first generation, and the changes weren’t only on the exterior. Well, the exterior changes were what made the car so beautiful, but interior upgrades made it a supercar.
Elongated side strakes of the new Vanquish were inspired by One-77, and the rear spoiler is also a fascinating and beautiful addition. The whole body of this car is made from carbon fiber, and it shows it everywhere. The chassis has more carbon fiber than other cars which makes it lighter and therefore faster.
Changes under the hood are also considerable. New Aston Martin has an AM11 V12 engine upgraded to produce 565 hp. The engine is set in the middle of the car (front-middle) to provide the balance and to increase the performance of the car in corners. Brakes in this supercar are made from carbon, and the suspensions are aluminum front subframe with the addition of castings that are hollow.
Top speed of this version of the vanquishing supercar is 201 mph, and it needs 3.6 seconds to reach 60 mph.

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Special versions of the Vanquish

Vanquish had two special releases, Centenary Edition, and Neiman Marcus edition.
Centenary Edition Vanquish is a version made for 100 years of the company, and only one hundred units were built.
The other particular version was named after Neiman Marcus (The USA department store), and only ten units were ever made.



Apart from Neiman version, the Aston Martin proved that they could make a supercar. They went with their design and built a car that is beautiful and very comfortable. The amount of horsepower compared to other supercars is minuscule, but British people found a way to make a very fast car without putting over 800 hp in it. The price of the Vanquish makes it an affordable supercar if you compare it with another half a million and million dollar supercars.