Supercars – what are they?

Every petrolhead has a dream car. And it can usually be defined as a supercar. But what exactly is a supercar? While many people will immediately think about a vehicle with four wheels that can go fast (and they would not be completely wrong), an actual supercar has a few more characteristics which truly define it as a supercar. There are several views on supercars which determine a car as a supercar, based on some differing characteristics.

Defining a supercar

At least four different sorts of cars can be described as a supercar.

cars-1208767_1280When an elite company, with a famous history, preferably in auto racing as well, assembles a model of a car in small numbers with limited availability, this car can be recognized as a supercar. However,  a supercar can be a standard production model made by an „ordinary“ company (usually engaged in mass production of consumer models) that is specially modified to increase performance and power drastically. Also, cars assembled by small, independent manufacturers, often attracted by motoring enthusiasts are sometimes labeled supercars. Finally, certain unique models, which may include old or even antique models, updated to modern technological and engineering achievements, to almost racing performances, are sometimes also called supercars.

Typical modern supercar

engine-1409753_1280A company which has the ambition to produce a supercar needs to be able to develop or operate high-end technology and to apply the latest engineering solutions into their product to ensure that the car has highest performance characteristics possible. These cars need to be fast, agile and driveable, with superb handling abilities, usually designed for long journeys, but also for track days. Also, the design of the car is one of the most important aspects, since a supercar must not look like an ordinary, everyday car. It has to be an eye-catcher, made to turn heads, sporty and pleasing to the eye. It should be a sight to look at and to remember and it must not lose that element of „cool“ with the passing years.

14351322439_0a7419da56_bToday, there are many companies producing models of cars competing for the prestigious title of a supercar, to name a few: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Pagani, Mclaren and so on. They all try to fight their battles for buyers on a very limited and competitive market, usually made up of billionaires who have very developed and extreme sense of taste for cars.

Owning a supercar

porsche-1422858_1280It is not exactly easy to become an owner of a beautiful car like a Ferrari or a Lambo. Unless you are a member of the Saudi Royal family. Jokes aside, be prepared to shell out a mountain of cash for a vehicle of supercar caliber. The prices of cars like these range from several hundred thousand euros for a „budget“ model to a few million euros for an exotic and exclusive model, with probably only several units ever been constructed. So, start saving from an early age if you wish to enjoy the superb performance and the prestige of owning a supercar.

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