Reviewing my Experience Day (Aston Martin Track Day)

2 weeks ago I was invited to go to the Aston Martin track day based just outside London UK. Obviously being a huge supercar fanatic and being able to do this for free (that’s all models driving around a track, afternoon tea, lunch and chilling with some really cool people.) I wanted to write a quick post about what I did and what I enjoyed about it. For more information on what I did you can check out the aston martin driving experience page and get in touch.

aston-martin-track-daysSo last week I went into London (which is only a couple of hours from where I’m based) to review one of the Aston Martin experience days. This is when you and a few other people (either your friends or some randoms) come out with you and drive around a racetrack in a bunch of supercars! That’s really the basis of what we did.

You arrive in the morning and select the models you would like to drive through the day. On some packages you can also get Ferraris as well as Aston’s but the one we select was just Aston Martins. Once you’ve selected you get into your car with an instructor and he teaches you the basics of what to do, the specs of the car and essentially makes sure you aren’t going to total a brand new £200,000 supercar… Which is fair enough.

Once you’ve done your first bit of training you get some breakfast and then go round the track on your own. There are timing laps available and its all a good bit of fun. Once complete its time to drive down the great British B-roads to a beautiful country pub. Here you get some lunch and have a chat with the others on the day. This is really nice as its not just the food but talking to other auto-heads about new cars is pretty sweet. Most of the people here also have some good knowledge of what was on offer so more than anything its just nice to relax with people with similar interests to your own.

Once complete there is a bit more testing of these supercars before going home for the day. All in all I seriously enjoyed the experience and would have happily paid the fee of £500 for the day! Highly recommend to anyone interested in Aston’s or just looking for a good track day with a variety of cars that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg.