Ferrari – How Much Does it the Cost? (Buy Or Rent?)

Ferrari is one of the most famous, if not the most famous supercar brand in the world. Originally based in Italy the Ferrari brand is now a worldwide global brand second to none. And when it comes to the beauty of their cars they are second to none too.


Saying this over the past 5 years the supercar market itself has grown, to a point where now you have to be one of the top brands to even have a slice of the pie. Most people nowadays choose to rent a car instead of actually purchase one. Which does make sense when you think about it. Long term you would be saving money and if you don’t drive on a daily basis then there is no need to shell out £250,000 on a brand new Ferrari 458. Or £100,000 on the older but still gorgeous Ferrari California. This is why places like Ferrari Hire are popping up all over the place, with supercar agencies actually choosing to move into the rental market instead of the purchasing one. It’s an easier sell and more people have £1,000 for a few days than have £100,000 for a few years! Below you can see the prices pulled from the UK Ferrari hire site. Although these change based on supply and demand so please check before phoning them up.

Ferrari Hire Prices

To Buy or To Rent?

So let’s assume you want to purchase a model. The question because should you purchase one or should you just rent them? This is my personally opinion as I’m a supercar lover, but also an investment expert. I would just stick to hiring them when you need or want them. This is for a few different reasons. The main one is because you won’t drive this car everyday and as a result you don’t want to have an asset that costs you £100k+ and loses 40% of its value the second you drive it out of the showroom! Personally I would say take the £2,000 hit if you are going away for a week.

Another reason is that if you have a relationship with the dealership or rental agency and you rent a car on a regular basis (say once a month) you can actually get the car cheaper. Which means the investment is even lower and it makes even more sense to rent over purchase outright. These are all just my opinions and if you have the money to not have to worry about these things then obviously go ahead and buy one outright, but personally I’ll keep my £50k extra per year!