What to Do if you Can’t Afford to BUY a Supercar?

Aston MartinLast Updated 15th August 2016: Last week we did an article on how supercar businesses brand their companies. It was an interesting write and hope it was an interesting read too. One of the reasons they do it this way is because they can keep unit cost down, without spending millions on TV ads they don’t have to charge people millions for the car itself. But one thing that happens as a result of this is the cars become extremely desired by the market that cannot afford them. AKA people who love supercars but don’t have £100,000 in the bank to buy one.

Ferrari SpiderI’m going to try and outline the method we recommend to people, and its something I personally think works very well. To start you need to think about the dates in a year you would love to have one. Obviously everyday is great but be realistic. Let’s say you have a weekend wedding you would like to drive to in an Aston Martin, and a trip to the midlands planned that you want a Ferrari…. You need to calculate the total number of days you will need for this and then the specific dates you need the vehicle.

The company just called supercar hire in the UK has the best prices I’ve seen, you can compare them to others but they guarantee to match any quote too so I’m 99% sure these are the cheapest. From here you need to call them or email them up and state whether they offer discounts for pre-booked days. For example if you decided you’d like a supercar for 10 days a year, you will likely receive a 10-20% discount for pre-booking these specific dates. Then once in place will pay your £3,000-£5,000 depending on the model you have selected and save yourself around £15,000 that year (through depreciation of the supercar you would have brought) and obviously through the sale cost of the car itself.

Exotic Car Rental

This method is a bit strange but it works very well, you are extremely happy as you can look forward to the days and weekends you have this car. It’s already been pre-booked and paid so you don’t have to worry about not getting a model on the days you needed. And generally its just a very relaxed way to do this entire strategy. If you do this every year through the same company they will begin to give you further discounts and you can build a relationship with the owner, this way you might get first pick on new supercars and really have a great time!

Move than this, the relationship you can build with the individuals at the car rental agencies is great. I have used the one mentioned above for close to a decade, and have I ever had any issues? Nope, not even once! That shows how reliable these people are and why if you are a valued customer you will be treated as such! Even in an industry as cut throat as this!